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Though owning a swimming pool will probably be the center of your family’s entertainment, a pool also carries a tremendous responsibility. You probably have many unanswered questions as you are shopping for the perfect pool design company. Whether we install your pool or we providing your weekly cleaning service, at Blue Star Pool Care, LTD. is our responsibility to ensure all of your questions have been answered and that you are the most well-informed customer you can be. Below you will find just a few of the most common questions we answer on a daily basis. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Blue Star Pool Care, LTD. at 972-758-9352.

Q. Why can’t I take care of my pool myself?
A. You absolutely can take care of your pool yourself. However, proper pool maintenance demands weekly attention. All of the chemical levels including Chlorine, Alkalinity, Free Chlorine, PH, and T.D.S must be consistently maintained to have a safe swimming environment. In addition our pool maintenance technicians are trained and certified to identify changes in the performance and chemical balances of your pool. Should we find any problem areas a correction plan of action will immediately be implemented.

Q. Why is my pool’s water cloudy?
A. There are many factors which can contribute to your pool’s cloudy water. Some include inadequate water circulation, chemical imbalance, poor filtration, low sanitizer levels or lack of oxidation.

Q. Why is the chlorine smell so strong in my pool?
A. You are probably improperly administering chemicals. This overuse can be costly and harmful to eyes and skin.

Q. What is RWI?
A. RWI or recreational water illnesses are caused by bacteria found in water, such as pools and spas. RWI typically causes diarrhea-type illnesses, but also can cause skin rash and ear, eye or respiratory infections. Pool and spa water requires proper chemical treatment to eliminate the incidence of RWI. Also, people should avoid swallowing pool water and do not swim while sick.

Q. How often should I backwash my pool’s filter?
A. Of the three types of pool filters – Diatomatious Earth (DE), sand or cartridge – two of these are cleaned by backwashing. In sand and DE filters, water flow is reversed in the filter to clean out debris (backwashed). At start up or after the filter has been cleaned, check the filter pressure. As the filter gets dirty the pressure will rise. Once the pressure has risen 5 to 7 lbs. it is time to backwash. DE filters need to be broken down and cleaned every 6 months. Sand filters need to have sand changed about every 5 years, depending on the alkalinity & calcium content of the water in the pool. Cartridge or modular media filters are cleaned by removing the cartridge & hosing them out with high pressure nozzle. Again the 5 to 7 lbs. rise on the filter pressure will tell you when to clean the filter. On smaller cartridge filters 100 to 150 sq. ft., expect to clean about every 10 days, on larger cartridge filters 300 to 450 sq. ft., expect cleaning every 6 months. You can be assured that our technicians at Blue Star Pool Care, LTD. will perform backwashing services when necessary.

Q. I live in the Dallas area? Do you service my area?
A. Absolutely! Blue Star Pool Care, LTD. is happy to serve the Dallas area including the cities of Allen, Carrollton, Dallas, Frisco, Highland Park, McKinney, Plano and Richardson.

We hope this page has answered some of your questions. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact Blue Star Pool Care, LTD. at 972-758-9352. Or for your convenience, you may also submit a request form from this site.

Thank you for your interest in Blue Star Pool Care, LTD. We looking forward to serving you in the near future!

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